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Video Crew in Spain

We film, live-edit and broadcast your show!

We support your documentary and tv-production not just in Madrid and Barcelona, these big, vibrant cities but also in the rest of Spain.

Of course, Madrid and Barcelona are the cultural and executive centres of Spain where you can find an infinite number of engaging stories, characters, locations and events. And our bilingual Location-Scouts, Fixers and Researchers are happy to help you with on-site research, translation, film-permits and everything else needed to get your story told and your documentary filmed.

But the research ability of our network of local Stringers, bilingual Location-Scouts, Production Fixers and Researchers all over Spain goes far beyond this. 

We help you to find unique stories and protagonists off the beaten track in Spain. If you are looking for English-speaking location-scouts and researchers with local knowledge for a documentary production in Spain don’t look any further – this is something we are doing since more that 10 years in Spain. 

And during all these years there has just built up a whole wealth of knowledge, regional experience, valuable contacts and local insights.

  • You are looking for this kind of “walking encyclopedia” that never runs out of good stories, genuine locations and local curiosities?
  • Or this outgoing, bilingual “door-opener personality” that could connect you even to eskimos under quarantine?
  • Or you just want a rock solid and “versatile as a swiss army knife” type Stringer by your side during your shoot to translate, organise and schedule interviews, help you with release forms and handle local paperwork and regulations.


Well, then we might should have a talk about your next documentary project here in Spain. We are a bunch of friendly, bilingual and good-humored professionals with a strong can-do attitude and what’s more – we really like to play our part to make the filming of our clients in Spain a full success!

Besides that after the shoot we always can show you the way to great, local eateries 😉


Don’t just take our word for it!

Have a look at some of the other projects we have worked on and see what clients say who have worked already with us:

2 days live-streaming production between Europe and Australia

Worldwide live-production: This is were our expertise and experience really come into their own: 2 days live-streaming production between Cologne (Germany), Barcelona (Spain) and Brisbane (Australia) with The Streaming Guys. Popular Pictures handled the complete production part in Europe providing in Germany and Spain bilingual live-streaming crew, full camera, video and streaming equipment as well as the studio location to connect top-class speakers and respected authorities from Germany and a live from hospital in Spain to a medical congress in Brisbane (Australia).

Client feedback:

Thanks very much Matthias, [….] the video quality was very good of both Thomas and Javier. The same for the quality from Cologne last night.  Thanks again,  

Preproduction and On-Site Producer for documentary shoot Andalusia, Spain

We did the on-site research, location-scouting, permits and complete on-site producing  (bilingual Stringer / Fixer) of a documentary project in Andalusia (founded by the European commission), portraying traditional life and emerging challenges of people’s life in remote villages of Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada mountain region in the South of Spain. 

Client feedback:

Dear Andalusia crew,
I wanted to thank you once again for your commitment. I think "South Granada - Andalusia's Fruit Paradise" has turned out to be a really beautiful film with relevant stories, great pictures and likeable people that will find its audiences all over the world. We have also already registered the film at a number of film festivals.

This is just a small selection of some of our projects. Please also check out more testimonials and further sections like more projects or our video gallery.

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