Bilingual Stringer

Authentic characters and stories worth telling in Spain!

High quality documentaries and current affairs broadcasts overseas require good preparation.
Every good story feeds on four basic ingredients: strong characters, credible experts, excellent interviewers and unusual venues.

Popular Pictures helps you find them all, including as well as all necessary film permits.

Our endless resources make local language research easier and faster, providing better results.
We are able to track down more compelling and original stories on site.


Simple: because we live here!

Due to our extensive knowledge of the country and the media industry itself we aren’t strangers to innovative storytelling, we know how stories develop and how a script turns into a lively captivating piece.

We’re also able to detect dead ends earlier in the research process and assess the potential of a protagonist before filming begins.

We are familiar with the working procedures required and demanded by US and Northern European broadcasters.

Popular Pictures ensures a smooth and optimal production in Spain. We focus on protecting your budget and getting the most out of the production time available.
Avoid language barriers and cultural misunderstandings during Pre-production and Production.

Popular Pictures offers technical support and problem solving throughout the length of the shooting in Spain (or abroad).

We work according to your specifications, we offer shooting schedule development and production coordination, support in conducting interviews and any translation services required, plus we take care of film permits and release forms on site.

The results of our work can be seen on various television programmes. Just look out for it next time!

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Don’t just take our word for it!

Have a look at some of the other projects we have worked on and see what clients say who have worked already with us:

Stringer, Location-Scout and On-Site Producer, Valencia

We did the complete preproduction, research (contributors, locations and permits) as well as on-site production fixing with bilingual Fixer in Valencia and translation for a food documentary about typical dishes in the Valencia region in Spain for Germanys famous tv programme “Abenteuer Leben” on broadcaster Kabel1.

Client feedback

Location-Scout and bilingual Stringer / Producer, Alicante

We did complete preproduction, research, permits and on-site production fixing (Bilingual Stringer) for several shoots in Alicante for a German long-term-TV-documentary project, called “Wunschkinder” of German broadcaster RTL II.

Client feedback

Research and bilingual On-Site Producer / Stringer in Andalusia

Complete pre-production in Southern Spain / Andalusia, Gibraltar and Northern Africa for TV-Documentary about the Strait of Gibraltar, Andalusia and Northern Africa (Ceuta, Melilla..): Research, location scouting, interview partners and contributors, filming permits and general filming organisation as well as on-site production with bilingual Stringer in Andalusia, translation and conducting interviews during 10 days of filming.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million... Just check it out yourself and click the video play button next to this text

Preproduction + On-Site Producer in Andalusia, Spain

We did the on-site research and preproduction (contributors, locations, filming permits) and complete on-site producing  (with bilingual Stringer / Fixer) of a TV-documentary project in Andalusia (founded by the European Commission), portraying traditional life and emerging challenges of people’s life in remote villages of the Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada mountain region in the South of Spain.

Client feedback

This is just a small selection of some of our projects. Please also check out more testimonials and further sections like more projects or our video gallery.

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