Bilingual Audio Technician

Audio Recording for Film, TV & Corporate

Film, TV, comercial and corporate productions do not only live from strong images…

Audio is at least as important. Therefor you usually have a dedicated audio technician on set: the sound engineer aka boomer aka sound technician… 

Our bilingual sound technicians ensure that your interview, film, advertisement or product video simply sounds good! Because nothing is worse than bad audio. That’s why we work with high quality microphone systems from Sennheiser, Schoeps and Rode. Our wireless radio mics are true diversity and from lavaliere mics with windscreens to handheld reporter microphones and directional shotgun mics, we have everything for setting the right tone.

Most importantly, the sound technicians continuously monitors, levels and mixes the individual audio sources and voice recordings. He works with a mobile sound mixer and constantly monitors the sound through headphones. The sound from this mixer can be recorded on several tracks in the camera or it can be recorded separately on memory cards in the mixer so that it can then be added to the video later in postproduction. 

But don’t take our word for it!

Let’s have a look at some of our works and also see what other clients have to say that already worked with us.

We did the on-site research, location-scouting, permits and complete on-site fixing (bilingual Stringer) of a documentary project in Andalusia (founded by the European commission), portraying traditional life and emerging challenges of people’s life in remote villages of Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada mountain region in  the South of Spain. maybe link to posts und Lobhudelei

We researched the work of fruit growers in the region of Costa Tropical (Andalusia) digging up some great protagonists and stories contrasting the work of individual farmers with big cultivation firms in Andalusia.

maybe link to posts und Lobhudelei

We serviced with bilingual Fixer and Production Coordinator a 2 weeks documentary production for Japanese broadcaster NHK in Bilbao, Santander and Barcelona. We provided complete logistics coordination and on-site production fixing, bilingual drivers and camera crew vans, video drone crew with DJI Inspire 4K drone, Gaffer and lighting equipment, PA´s and altogether an infectiously good-humoured crew and a smooth running production for our client.

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