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Never underestimate what real cameras and professional lighting can do for your live-streaming production!

Producing webcasts has become very popular recently.

To get consistent audio and high video quality, proper lit your on-camera talent or speaker to make them really look out standing is just a different matter.

Here our camera crew scores major points: thanks to our wealth of experience in professional live-streaming and thorough understanding of camera-technology, lighting and audio equipment and techniques, our technicians can set up high quality corporate webcasts and live-streaming productions from virtually any location.

Wether you need a well lit interview set in a hotel room  to stream live from or a multi-camera live coverage of an international  product launch with animated graphics, Picture in Picture  diagrams, graphs, explainer videos, PowerPoints, etc., or if you need to live broadcast a moderated panel session at a conference or a live broadcast out of a surgery room in a hospital: we provide you with scalable live-streaming and webcast solutions in Spain (and thanks to some ultra-portable equipment packages also throughout the rest of Europe) – from a single-camera live production to multi-camera live transmissions with vision mixer, sound engineer and graphics operator.

And of course you can also just go live with an ENG Camera Crew from anywhere in the field for breaking news…

Whether it’s a high quality corporate webcast or multi-camera live-streaming of sport events or live concerts – we are your one stop shop for high quality webcasts and live-streaming video productions in Spain. Just give us a call and let’s discuss your productions needs. 

We will provide you with tailored streaming and webcast solutions in Spain, an experienced and friendly crew and top-notch equipment – so that your live production will be a smooth run. Have a look what other clients who have worked with us have to say.

  We really like what we do and so do our clients!

Don’t just take our word for it!

Have a look at some of the other projects we have worked on and see what clients say who have worked already with us:

2 days live-streaming production between SPAIN, GERMANY (Europe) and AUSTRALIA

Cross-border live-production: This is were our expertise and experience really come into their own: 2 days live-streaming production between Cologne (Germany), Barcelona (Spain) and Brisbane (Australia) with The Streaming Guys. Popular Pictures handled the complete production part in Europe providing in Germany and Spain bilingual live-streaming crew, full camera, video and streaming equipment as well as the studio location to connect top-class speakers from Germany and from a hospital in Spain to an international medical congress in Brisbane (Australia).

Client feedback

Live Camera Crew for Allianz sponsored TEDx Talk in Barcelona, Spain

For the 125 years Allianz anniversary tour we crewed this Allianz sponsored TEDx Talk production in Barcelona. Popular Pictures provided 3 English-speaking live cameramen for this multi-camera live production and 4 bilingual production assistants for technical assistance and helping with the whole technical setup: setup, technical rehearsals, live-production and dismantling – everything from a single source without any language barriers…

Client feedback

Portable Studio Live-Production for Schaeffler Group in Malaga, Spain

We Live-streamed Schaeffler Groups’ CEO Klaus Rosenfeld out of a Hotel Suite in Casares (Malaga, Andalusia) to the Press Conference at Hannover Messe, trade fair in Germany. Our bilingual video crew (Lighting Cameraman, Live-Streaming Technician, On-site Producer, Teleprompter Operator, Make-Up-Artist) where responsible for technical setup, rehearsal and complete live-streaming production from Spain.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million... Just check it out yourself and click the video play button next to this text

Webcast-Productions at Eli Lilly and Company HQ in Madrid, Spain

Never change a winning team! Regularly Multi-Camera Live-Productions with our bilingual Video Crew at Eli Lilly Headquarter in Alcobendas (Madrid), Spain. We crewed this live-streaming productions with lighting camera operator and sound engineer so that globally recognised doctors, surgeons, scientists and medical professionals could share their knowledge and best practices with colleagues worldwide – in real time and with live Q&A sessions.

Client feedback

Multi-Camera Live Streaming from Teknon Hospital in Barcelona, Spain to medical congress in Prague, Czech Republic.

Multi-camera live transmission / surgery broadcast from an operating theater in Barcelona’s Teknon hospital to the “Network of Anaesthesia” Congress in Prague including live Q&A session afterwards. Popular Pictures provided: bilingual multi-camera-crew, vision mixer, sound engineer, complete live-streaming and camera equipment as well as complete preproduction, technical setup and rehearsals for multi-camera live transmission in compliance with all sterility regulations in operation theaters.

Client feedback

Multi-Camera Live Crew in Barcelona for HTC Product Launch

Bilingual Camera Crew for Multi-Camera Live Production of HTC Product Launch during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Popular Pictures provided: English-speaking Camera Crew, complete camera equipment, as well as several production assistants for technical setup, rehearsals, production and dismantling.

Client feedback

This is just a small selection of some of our projects. Please also check out more testimonials and further sections like more projects or our video gallery.

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