Video Drone Operators in Spain

Video crews for areal photography & filming

Sometimes it’s a “nice to have” – sometimes it’s simply essential!

Depending on your production a video shot of a drone can add a strong, complementary perspective to a story (establishers, overviews etc.) – and sometimes the bird’s eye perspective of a video drone is simply a crucial part of telling a story or promoting a product (e.g. yacht videos, real estate videos, promotional videos of tourist regions, hotel videos…).

Whether it’s a TV documentary, commercial shot, corporate video, music video or event coverage in Spain – there is an increasing demand for beautiful drone shots in the film and video industry.

That’s why we built up a network of hand-picked, professional drone operators and aerial photographers all over Spain.

This emerged out of the wide range of international productions we have worked on over the last 10 years in all areas of Spain.

And we are very proud to simply work with the very best professionals in Spain, who meet the highest standards in audiovisual content production. All our drone operators are experienced filmmakers, who are fully licensed and also have all necessary insurance. As drone regulations in Spain are very strict and there are more than a few locations where it is even totally forbidden to fly a drone – you are well advised to go with a professional drone operator to be in lieu with regulations

From a one-man crew with a DJI Mavic Pro or a DJI Phantom video drone to a dedicated two-man drone crew (with a camera operator and a separate drone pilot) you can trust our reliable crew who are also very familiar with requesting drone permissions in Spain.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Have a look at some of the other projects we have worked on and see what clients say who have worked already with us:

Lighting Cameraman and drone operator for German TV Documentary (ARD) in Andorra

Bilingual ENG cameraman and drone operator shooting in Andorra during one week several TV reports for German public broadcaster ARD. We filmed the German swimmers team for Olympic Games 2021 during their high altitude training camp in Andorra. We shot several TV reports and footage for the ARD TV Documentary “Mission Gold for German broadcaster ARD/MDR. We provided bilingual cameraman with Sony FS7 shoulder camcorder kit, audio and lighting equipment, DJI Mavic video drone, GoPro camera and grip as well as production van for travel from/to Barcelona, Spain.

Client feedback

Bilingual video drone crew with DJI Inspire in Mayorca, Spain for TV documentary shoot.

Our bilingual video drone crew (drone pilot + video operator) filmed for the food & travel TV documentary “Mallorca á la Carte” (German public broadcaster WDR) the areal shots of the Spanish island with an DJI Inspire Video Drone.

Client feedback

Bilingual video drone camera crew in Bilbao, Spain for NHK documentary production

Bilingual video drone camera crew (drone pilot + cameraman) in Bilbao, Spain with DJI Inspire 4K video drone. For a 2-week NHK documentary production we provided local the  production crew in Bilbao, Santander and Barcelona (bilingual fixer, gaffer, video drone crew, driver, assistants, team buses for camera crew and equipment) as well as the complete logistics coordination Spain.

Client feedback

This is just a small selection of some of our projects. Please also check out more testimonials and further sections like more projects or our video gallery.

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