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We fix your shoot in Spain!

Filming in foreign countries can have its own particular challenges: language barriers and the continual need for translation, different mentalities and cultural habits, and last but not least the attempts at searching and evaluating film locations from a distance can make pre-production a bit more difficult than at home…

And we all know that there is more to it than all that: film permits, organising crew transportation, catering, accommodation, sourcing local crew, extras, regulations, props and additional filming equipment

Often logistical help and pre-production support are needed from a local professional. This is where our English-speaking fixers come in. A fixer is someone who is familiar with the country you want to film in but who also knows first hand which particular details are crucial for film production. That is why a fixer is not just able to make your pre-production process much easier but will also be a great help to you during your busy film production in Spain itself.

Sometimes the tasks of a fixer overlap with the work of a Location-Manager and sometimes they overlap with a Location Scout which always is a great help for any film-production in Spain.

Our production fixers can remotely find and check film locations for you according to your specifications!

Prior to your arrival in Spain a fixer can already provide you with highly relevant information, take photos on-site or send you short video clips of the location(s) so that you really get all the information necessary (as if you were on-site yourself) to evaluate locations and plan your shooting in Spain accordingly. We provide you with first-hand information  and comprehensive advice covering all aspects of your production. Our Production fixers are the key people to bridging the gap between creative vision and feasibility.

We can also help you with getting paperwork and complying with local regulations. We can obtain film permits and special authorisations, arrange traffic blocks or get you access to exclusive areas.

In addition, we can source local actors and extras via casting agents in Spain, provide you with props and get you additional filming equipment and crew, such as cameramen, 1st ADs, camera assistants, gaffers, sound technicians, boom operators, runners, etc.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

Have a look at some of the other projects we have serviced and see what clients say that have worked already with us:

Fixer, Location-Scout and On-Site Producer, Costa Brava

For the German Reality “Wer bin ich wirklich” (“Who do you think you are”) with Germany’s Let´s Dance Juror Joachim Llambi we did the research, contributors, location-scouting, permits and also serviced the production on-site in Barcelona, Blanes and Tossa de Mar with bilingual Production Fixer, Translator, Make-up Artist, Drivers / Runners and Camera Crew Vans.

Client feedback

Production Fixer for “My first holidays” shoot in Barcelona:

For the German Reality Documentary “Urlaub für Anfänger“, the German version of “My first holidays” we did the complete preproduction (research, location-scouting, permits, logistics) and serviced the production on site in Barcelona with bilingual Production Fixer, Driver / Runner and 9-seater Production Van.

Client feedback

Fixer, Location-Scout & On-Site Producer, Marbella

We did the complete preproduction, research, permits, contributors, location management and on-site production fixing for a one week documentary shoot for Austrian broadcaster ATV in Marbella, Southern Spain (Andalusia)

Client feedback

Production Fixer for NHK 8K documentary shoot in Spain:

We serviced with bilingual Fixer and Production Crew (gaffer with lighting equipment, video drone operator, drivers) a 2 weeks documentary production in BilbaoSantander and Barcelona for Japanese broadcaster NHK. We provided complete logistics coordination, bilingual drivers and camera crew vans, on-site fixer, video drone crew with DJI Inspire, gaffer and lighting equipment, PA´s and altogether an infectiously good-humoured crew and a smooth running production for our client.

Client feedback

This is just a small selection of some of our projects. Please also check out more testimonials and further sections like more projects or our video gallery.

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