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Was unsere Kunden sagen

Wir sind stolz darauf, unseren Kunden aussergewöhnlichen Service zu bieten, und schätzen das Vertrauen, das sie in uns setzen wenn sie mit uns zusammen arbeiten sehr. Ihr Feedback und ihre Empfehlungen bedeuten uns sehr viel. Im Folgenden einige Kundenmeinungen. 

We are one of the leading independent TV and Film production companies in Germany that produces a wide variety of formats for all major German TV-channels. We hired Matthias as our cameraman and director in Spain for the production of a complete season of a new German reality show in Lloret de Mar, Spain. With his background in broadcast journalism, Matthias was the ideal candidate to fill this interface function. He is highly professional, quick and always knows what is needed by the producer and which picture best suits the story. Always willing to go the extra mile with a smile, Matthias is a pleasure to work with and an asset to any team.
Der Dreh in Barcelona mit dem Team von Matthias Popp war aller erste Sahne. Super Team, tolle Bilder, unglaubliches Engagement. Wir haben reportagig gearbeitet und alles bekommen, was die Story hergab, von früh bis abends um 23h 30. Ein langer Tag, aber alles im Kasten und deshalb auch kein weiterer Drehtag nötig.
Reliable, useable and a pleasure to work with.
He has an excellent work ethic, was always on time and eager to help out wherever required. His camera work was to a high grade as is his technical knowledge. The whole team really appreciated all his efforts and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him and will hopefully have the chance to again in the future. Many thanks!
Lieber Matthias, Ich wollte mich bei dir bedanken für die super Zusammenarbeit heute, das hat Riesen Spass gemacht, es ist dann doch irgendwie oft hektisch immer aus dem Tag heraus, aber das haben wir, oder habt Ihr, - haben wir alle Zusammen super hinbekommen … Die Tagesthemen waren sehr begeistert… Tolle Arbeit, Hamburg ist begeistert wir hatten einen vollen Tag … und gerne wieder! Besten Dank an Dein Team!
Thank you so much for all your help - especially for coming to rescue us on that Sunday afternoon at such short notice. I will never forget this!
And also for your help on the Spanish translation, your perfect German driving skills and your general good humour and advice.
I am sorry that it was such a hectic shoot, but it really would not have been possible without you and Luis.
Popular Pictures und Matthias Popp waren für uns ein verlässlicher Partner bei verschiedenen Produktionen in Spanien. Sowohl Reportage-Formate über Patienten in Spanien, als auch die Begleitung eines Live-Events in Barcelona wurden von Herrn Popp und seinem Team kreativ, schnell und innovativ umgesetzt. Dabei war es für uns als globalem Unternehmen besonders hilfreich mit einem mehrsprachigen Team zu arbeiten.
I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You and Zsolt did such a great job.
Everyone here in the studio couldn’t stop raving about your camera work! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend, and got safely back to Spain.
Take care!
I had the opportunity to work with Matthias Popp and his Team from Popular Pictures on the shoot of the videos for the European Inventor Award 2021, organized by the European Patent Office. This award is the most prestigious award in Europe for Inventors and breakthrough inventions world-wide. The videos representing the inventors and invention need to reflect the high status of the occasion. The videos made by Popular Pictures were of excellent quality and exceeded our expectations for audiovisual content. The team delivered with utmost professionalism and high standards from start to finish. I am happy to recommend working with Popular Pictures and Matthias anytime.
… thanks for all in Barcelona - footage looks really good. Let’s stay in touch and look forward to working with you again..
As the technical manager of the audiovisual studio at Eli Lilly company facilities in Alcobendas, Spain I have had the opportunity to meet Matthias Popp personally and professionally. On multiple occasions, we have produced international streaming events in which we worked together with the company ON24 and its technicians from Germany. We’ve had invaluable help of Matthias Popp in a double professional aspect: one being a link between us and the ON24 technicians greatly facilitating understanding, and the second as head of cameras and image before and during the events, demonstrating great knowledge and experience. As far as personal treatment is concerned, for me he is a person who generates a good work environment in the team, who transmits tranquility during the live transmissions for both speakers and clients, and with an involvement that is really appreciated. I have no hesitation in affirming that his contribution has always been an important part of the success of these events.
Wir haben sehr schöne Aufnahmen mit einer Drohne über Mallorca gemacht. Es war schön zu sehen mit wie viel Engagement und Know How die Kollegen das geleistet haben. Vielen Dank dafür.
It was such a pleasure working with you!! I always love working with a cameraman like you!!!
The moment you stepped in the door of Monteloder, I knew I was lucky.
Thank you so much for your great help and professionality.
Vielen Dank für Deinen unermüdlichen Einsatz für die Segelreportage mit Boris Herrmann. Du hast Deine Qualitäten sehr professionell mit eingebracht: Ortskundig, fließend in 2 Sprachen, schnelle (und richtige) Entscheidungen, das Feingefühl für die besonderen emotionalen Einstellungen, angenehm entspannte Atmosphäre und das alles auch noch ohne Extra-Tonmann.
Hallo zusammen, noch einmal Dankeschön für die gute Zusammenarbeit in der Planung. Hier nun auch die Rückmeldung zu den beauftragten Aufnahmen. Wir haben alle Bilder erhalten und sind überaus zufrieden! Die Aufnahmen gefallen uns sehr gut und gliedern sich zudem problemlos in den Film ein. Vielen Dank also für eine äußerst produktive Kooperation, die wir gerne wiederholen. Beste Grüße,
I have repeatedly worked with Matthias in UEFA Champions League productions.
Matthias is a skilled and professional cameraman.
Hallo Matthias , sensationell gutes Material! Alles hat gestern auch perfekt geklappt… Vielen Dank nochmals und viele Grüsse!
Matthias is an engaged and highly audacious professional. He was an excellent production fixer for a shoot in Marbella. He always proved himself extremely helpful and friendly, delicately handling sensitive issues while being a perfect team player. I am very glad to have had the chance to work with him!


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