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Bilingual, Lighting Camera Crew in Granada – Spain

Lighting cameraman with camera equipment filming a documentary in Granada (Andalucia / Spain) for a pan-European, EU founded project about multi-cultural coexistence and religious tolerance. The camera crew filmed during several days the practical work and implementation of this European educational project on-site in Granada.

Client feedback:

… On location, the crew worked hard and developed excellent working relationships with the contributors, both adults and children. The resulting footage was not only of a high technical standard, but also visually stunning.
This much, perhaps, you might expect from an elite broadcast camera crew, but what impressed me most this time round were those moments when our cameraman cheerfully rolled up his sleeves and stepped into the breech, for instance helping out when our educational partner had technical difficulties with teaching young people how to edit. This went far beyond the job description, and literally saved the day!
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Popular Pictures as my go-to crew provider in Spain.

Gail Block, Senior Producer, UK

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