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Popular Pictures

Operadores de cámara, technicos de sonido & producer de televisión bilingües

Ofrecemos operadores de cámara bilingües, technicos de sonido bilingües, producers y servicios audiovisuales para cadenas de televisión extranjeras y producciones internacionales (deporte, publicidad, videos corporativos y cobertura de congresos) en España y Alemania. Hablamos Alemán, Español e Inglés. Trabajamos para: ARD, arte, CNN, CNBC, EBU, DHL, MONOCLE, NDR, WDR, SANDOZ, UEFA Champions League, Barcelona World Race, Volvo Ocean Race entre otros. Dada nuestra formación y experiencia en la industria audiovisual, tanto a nivel técnico como a nivel de producción, Popular Pictures ofrece los siguientes servicios para producciones en España: operadores de cámara, sonidistas, reportero de vídeo, periodista y/o producer. Popular Pictures conoce de primera mano los requisitos y exigencias de clientes internacionales en España.

Phone: (+34) 644 2638 56
E-mail: info@popular-pictures.com

We are

Matthias Popp, Head Producer and Founder of Popular Pictures.
Studied and worked in Spain and Germany (Masters degree in Audiovisual Communication and Media), fully trilingual: Spanish – English – German, sound knowledge of practical camerawork, sound and lighting, tech-savvy and skilled in international productions. More than eight years of professional work experience within the field of film and TV production as a producer and cameraman.
Before becoming a cameraman he worked for several years as a TV journalist and Producer for the following German broadcasters: ARD, ZDF, Phoenix, WDR, RTL, PRO7 and n-tv, as well as producing corporate content for multinational corporate clients such as DHL, Deutsche Post and German Telekom.
Experienced in a wide range of different formats, from documentaries and news reports to sport events coverage, commercial and multi-camera corporate productions, he combines in a perfect manner German organizational skills and production expertise with mediterranean creativity.

Luz Maria, Office Manager and Production Assistant.
Luz is our Swiss army knife from Spain. Wether it´s a critical shooting permit, official applications, last minute location management or the everyday production schedule – with her exceptional organizational skills and multi-tasking abilities she ensures a smooth running of your production in Spain.

Robert, Project Manager Germany/Spain.
Started as a Radio Journalist in Palma de Mallorca and switched after to Germany´s Focus TV to work as a television producer. After that he worked for German cable network PRO7. He has a profound knowledge of TV journalism, video production and web content. As a Project Manager he supports Popular Pictures with his excellent network of production resources and local knowledge in Spain and Germany.

Alexander, our Media Consultant in Germany.

Luciana Reynoso, Junior Producer Spain (English – Spanish)

Our crew

Camera: Gerard (English – Spanish), Sergi (English – German – Spanish), Pere (English – Spanish), Javier (English – Spanish), Sergio (English – Spanish), Andres (English – Spanish), Ruben (English – Spanish), Alba (English – Spanish), Pablo (English – Spanish), David (English – Spanish), Oriol (English – Spanish), Jordi (English – Spanish), Matthias (English – German – Spanish);

Video Editing & Postproduction Magic: Xavi (English – Spanish), Jan (English – Spanish), Matias (English – Spanish), Alex (English – Spanish) Adria (English – Spanish) Mar (English – Spanish);

Sound: Diego (English – Spanish), Efrem (English – Spanish), Eduardo (English – Spanish), Nico (English – Spanish);

Camera Assistant: Albert (English – Spanish), Roger (English – Spanish), Sonia (English – Spanish), Luis (English – Spanish), Diego (English – Spanish), Ignacio (English – Spanish), David (English – Spanish);

Make-Up Artist: Maria (English – Spanish), Miriam (English – Spanish)

Spain Office (HQ):
Passatge Borrell 8,
08005 Barcelona, 
Phone: (+34) 644 2638 56
E-mail: info@popular-pictures.com

Popular Pictures Video Production Offices Barcelona

Popular Pictures headquarter & video production facility in Barcelona

Germany Office:
Heinrich-von-Kleist-Str. 23
53113 Bonn, 

Subsidiary South Germany:
Mitterweg 4f
82211 Herrsching, Germany